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Maybe it started with a two-pack of Voltson WiFi plugs you found on Lightning Deals (we wouldn’t be surprised). They were so discounted—why not give them a try?

So now you’ve really enjoyed using Voltson to get coffee started from bed at 6:30am. But you know there’s more.

For instance, did you know VeSync is on the verge of releasing applets with IFTTT? If you’re unfamiliar, just imagine this:

  • It’s 8:07am. You run out the door to work, shouting, “Alexa, turn off all my lights!”

  • Alexa obliges. No lamp is left burning useless electricity. Great!


Now, what if you’re suddenly stuck in a busy season at work for multiple days? Day in and day out, all the lights at home are still off at 9:15pm, and the house looks consistently unoccupied. Here’s where it might look like to set up an IFTTT applet with VeSync and your outlets:

  • Your house now knows that if all those lights are still off eleven hours after you left, it’s got to do two things: turn on one Voltson-plugged living room lamp at 7:30pm, and feed Fido at 7:45pm with the Voltson-plugged dog feeder.

  • However, if you get home at 6:30pm and turn on a light, then it won’t fulfill those conditional actions. It’ll “know” you’re there, and that you fully intend to feed Fido by hand 🐶


With so much clever technology to talk about, the Discover blog won’t be lacking in info, so stay tuned. Additionally, find out right here on this blog about new exciting releases like a smart air purifier, smart humidifier, and smart kitchen appliances. (BTW, you’re welcome for that tip 😉).

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