Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is almost here. And while VeSync can’t exactly give you the love Valentine’s Day is known for, we can definitely provide the gifts to show it.

Here are 2 things we think your special someone will swoon for this holiday.



There are two things we can’t live without in this world: air and WiFi. Levoit’s smart air purifier manages to combine both.

The 131S brings all the functionality of Levoit’s classic air purifier right to your fingertips. Enjoy an ultra-fine filtration system and real-time air quality updates on your smartphone. It’s simple and it’s easy.

Set schedules to automatically turn your air purifier on or off at any time of day. Change your purifier’s fan speed with the tap of a widget on your home screen.

If your significant other lives in a polluted city, if they do a lot of cooking, or if they have a furry friend, this air purifier works to eliminate pet dander, smells, and allergens instantly.


Cosori Air Fryer

While the air purifier and air fryer both have “air” in their name, they serve two very different functions.

The first eliminates pollutants. The second uses air—not fatty oil—to cook your favorite fried foods.

Prepare fried dishes with 85% less fat than traditional fryers. Your favorite comfort food is now as tasty as it is healthy.

The Cosori Air Fryer also cooks food much faster than a conventional oven. It can heat to 300°F in under 8 minutes—much faster than an oven. And after it’s heated, a steak filet takes just 6 minutes to cook, juiciness included.

Preheat the air fryer before cooking to improve texture and taste. The helpful Shake Reminder lets you know when it’s time to shake the baskets. Even better, the detachable basket has a non-stick surface, guaranteeing hassle-free cleanup.

Along with all the fryer’s bells and whistles, Cosori offers a free 100-recipe cookbook. You don’t have to be the next Iron Chef to make something truly tasty.

If time spent with your special someone means eating great food, this air fryer is the perfect way to say, “I love food, too.”

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