WeForest + VeSync


Maybe you always dreamed of living on a spacious ranch in the country, owning your own horses, initials branded boldly on their side. Or maybe you just like fruit—the taste of fresh apples picked right from the tree.

Whatever the reason, you did it. You became a gardener and started raising trees in VeSync’s Garden. In just a couple of months, you managed to water your trees, grow them to staggering heights, and unlock discounts on VeSync products. Now you’re wondering what’s next.


Well, we’ve got big news—so listen closely.


VeSync has partnered with WeForest, a leading non-profit that’s making big strides toward restoring the earth’s forests.

In other words, growing trees in the VeSync Garden = growing trees in real life.

“How is this possible?” you ask.


It’s because VeSync has been itching to give back. Our products have always sought to improve the lives of users while stretching the limits of smart home living. Now, we’ve taken things a step further—and we plan to keep doing so.


In the weeks to come, we’ll be releasing all kinds of events, giving you fruit like candy from a piñata.

Soon you’ll be able to trade fruit in the VeSync Garden for real life trees. You can keep track of all the trees you and VeSync have grown here.


Even better, VeSync isn’t the only one helping out. The entire Etekcity family—including Levoit, Cosori, and VeSync—are all helping in their own way. Stay tuned to learn how you can get great products while helping to restore the earth.


Change is coming, and you need to be a part of it!


See you in the garden,

The VeSync Team

Arovast Corporation