Getting Smarter Smart Plugs, Part 2

You’ve mastered the three Voltson Smart Outlet tips from our previous blog, right? Either way, here’s our four fresh tips.

Listen up, Google Assistant and Alexa!

You may already know that you can ask Alexa the current weather, or quiz Google on the mass of Mars and Venus. Voice Control, a VeSync feature, also lets you “command your plugs” by speaking your wishes to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Imagine you’re a mom who has cleverly plugged every TV in the house into a Voltson outlet. With profound foresight, you then grouped them together in your app and named that group All Televisions. Both efficient and punctual, you now routinely tell Alexa every evening at 9:30pm, “Alexa, turn off All Televisions.” Nicely done, Mom. You won’t even have to say it twice.


Even sharing can be smart

The Share Function allows you to share control of a Voltson outlet with others (but only if you want to). After you share, they can manage that shared outlet from the VeSync app on their phones. Think of it as tag-teaming household management.

Saved from the surge

Navigating in darkness to the breaker box after a severe thunderstorm or power surge is bad enough. Even worse? Discovering that home appliances have also gone kaput.

As a power surge comes through, the Voltson outlet’s Abnormal Energy Protection feature prevents the power spike from blowing out your appliance. Be at peace knowing your favorite nightlight, heirloom toaster, or guppy aquarium setup is powerfully safeguarded.


Just add widgets

The Widget Feature places a widget (i.e., a little interactive window) on your phone’s home screen where you can view several of your smart outlets at once. From there, you get immediate access to those plugs without even opening the app.

So tap away. As you pick up more of these quick tips, your smart plugs will keep getting smarter.

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Getting Smarter Smart Plugs, Part 1

There’s something mysteriously unsettling about the feeling that you’re not getting the most out of a product.

You’ve glanced at tech articles, read the manual that came with your Voltson outlets, and gotten decent use out of them. But a dreadful feeling nags: Not to downplay the amazing convenience of turning lamps on and off from bed, but isn’t there a lot more to these things?

Let’s get more bang for your buck. Try out three of our current favorite tips.


“Alexa, keep this lamp from making my bills skyrocket”

If only it were that easy! 😂 While neither Alexa nor Google Assistant can help you here, VeSync and Voltson offer an Energy Saving Mode. Just set a max dollar amount on your device, and Voltson will monitor its electricity use. Once that max cost is reached, your device is turned off, and you save money on your bills.


An Away Mode that isn’t so obvious

When you’re out of town for a week, you may want your living room lights to turn on so your place doesn’t look deserted. But it looks odd if it only occurs at 6:00pm sharp every evening. The Away Mode function considers the schedule you set (e.g., 7:00–9:00pm), then chooses at random within ±30 minutes when to switch your lights on and off.


Reach the lamp that was hard to reach

We personally have many wall outlets that we don’t want to reach for on a daily basis due to obstructing couches, headboards, and generally short arms 🙋‍♂️ But if you manage just once to plug in your lamp with a Voltson outlet, that’s a wall outlet you’ve forever regained control of via phone. Tap away!

Long story short? Turning lamps on/off remotely is fantastic, but you won’t experience your Voltson’s full talent. But now that you know more, there’s a four-pack of outlets waiting on Amazon 😉

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How to Stay Smart | Welcome to the Discover Blog

Maybe it started with a two-pack of Voltson WiFi plugs you found on Lightning Deals (we wouldn’t be surprised). They were so discounted—why not give them a try?

So now you’ve really enjoyed using Voltson to get coffee started from bed at 6:30am. But you know there’s more.

For instance, did you know VeSync is on the verge of releasing applets with IFTTT? If you’re unfamiliar, just imagine this:

  • It’s 8:07am. You run out the door to work, shouting, “Alexa, turn off all my lights!”

  • Alexa obliges. No lamp is left burning useless electricity. Great!


Now, what if you’re suddenly stuck in a busy season at work for multiple days? Day in and day out, all the lights at home are still off at 9:15pm, and the house looks consistently unoccupied. Here’s where it might look like to set up an IFTTT applet with VeSync and your outlets:

  • Your house now knows that if all those lights are still off eleven hours after you left, it’s got to do two things: turn on one Voltson-plugged living room lamp at 7:30pm, and feed Fido at 7:45pm with the Voltson-plugged dog feeder.

  • However, if you get home at 6:30pm and turn on a light, then it won’t fulfill those conditional actions. It’ll “know” you’re there, and that you fully intend to feed Fido by hand 🐶


With so much clever technology to talk about, the Discover blog won’t be lacking in info, so stay tuned. Additionally, find out right here on this blog about new exciting releases like a smart air purifier, smart humidifier, and smart kitchen appliances. (BTW, you’re welcome for that tip 😉).

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